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The Future of Health will Never Have to Battle Your Digestive System!
As it will be
delivered directly into your Bloodstream!
Provides your body with much-needed nutrition & minerals.

An Essential Health Discovery
A Plant Based supplement that provides
Instant Gratification Nutrition!

"Acumulit SA" is an advanced power accumulation technology that conserves essential nutrients
and sustains phytonutrients. This groundbreaking discovery plays a massive role in the
advancement of natural energy production,
intracellular activities, health and nutrition.

aplgo alt easy breathing
ALT Alternate
Easy breathing
and helps the body's
natural defenses against environmental irritants
and airborne particles that
can impair regular breathing.
aplgo brn brain activity
BRN Brainy
Essential nutrients for supporting already established cognitive clarity for learning, thinking, managing mental stress,
and alertness.
aplgo bty beauty
BTY Beauty
Provides nourishing phytonutrients and other nutrient factors that can support healthful radiance, maintain healthy aging,
and reveal one's
intrinsic attractiveness.
aplgo grw grow
GRW Grow
Immune Support
Potent blend of nutrients
to help maintain the body's natural alert and active
immune responses
& body vitality.
aplgo gts get strength
GTS Get Strength
Supporting the body's
natural energy, vitality
and endurance.
GTS provides body
benefits by activating
your body's own natural
vitality and strength.
aplgo hpr detoxification
HPR Detoxification
Composed of a synergistic
blend of beneficial
whole foods traditionally
valued for assisting the
body's already normal,
regular detoxification.
aplgo hrt heart
HRT Heart
Healthy Harmony
Helps to maintain the body's already normal circulatory
and regulatory processes,
and built-in protections.
aplgo ice digestion
ICE Digestion
Botanicals recognized
for helping support the
natural ability to regulate normal digestion regularity,
and mobilize its healthy
immune defenses.
aplgo mls multi spectrum
MLS Multi-Spectrum
Blend of special botanicals to help activate the nutritional
support your body
needs to maintain
healthy gut microbiome
and digestive processes.
aplgo nrm normal
NRM Normal
Helps maintain the
body's natural glucose
metabolism already within the normal range.
Embrace the nutrients your body needs to help fuel life's daily activities.
aplgo pwr apicot for females
PWR Apricot
Active Females
Rejuvenating combination
of botanicals helps
maintain and revive a
woman's already normal
overall nutritional health.
aplgo pwr lemon for males
PWR Lemon
Active Males
An invigorating blend
of potent whole food
botanicals helps to
support a man's
already active lifestyle.

aplgo rlx relaxation and calmness
RLX Relax
Relaxation & healthy
sleep patterns,
mental calmness,
response to everyday
stress, and
emotional well-being.

aplgo sld ease of movement
SLD Slide
Ease of Movement
supports comfort in
the body and ease of
movement. Support the
successful recovery from
physical overexertion
and daily activity.

aplgo stp stop
STP Stop
Soothing blend of
whole food botanicals
that supports the body's
natural responses to
occasional physical
discomforts and
the repair process.

When we say that our product will change the world, we are being sincere.

Using the essential properties of all plant cell particles that provide the instructions for creating new cells and energy production. The botanical particles are active and 100% absorbable, so each drop is ready to support intracellular activities. Every product is made from carefully selected composition of fruits, plants and herbs that work together to provide maximum cellular benefits, making the APL products a breakthrough in health and nutrition.

8.5 year old Company in 50 Countries, now coming into USA & Canada

This technology gives us the ability to utilize the natural power of herbs, fruits, berries and veggies in our products. Each Acumullit SA drop provides your body with much-needed nutrition and minerals.

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